Wooden roof: how to care for and maintain it


The care of wood floors that you already know are the best known tips as you have to keep them away from moisture, not submerge them, avoid abrasion and re-apply varnish to maintain protection and good looks. But what do you do when you have a wood ceiling? Do you know how to take care of your wood siding or do you have any questions?

Today we are going to show you the right way to keep your wooden ceiling always very well cared for so that you have a beautiful stay always and also to get to increase its durability. Continue reading the article!


Preserving the wooden ceiling in simple steps

The wood is beautiful and gives status to an environment. Combined in different ways, it is a neutral material that can compose different types of decoration in different styles. However, all the charm of wood can be lost if it is not well preserved and therefore, in addition to taking good care of your floor you should also pay attention to your wooden ceiling.


Wooden ceilings As with the floor, the wood in the ceiling must be preserved. Although it does not suffer the transit of people, friction or friction, among other attacks, the wood cladding also feels climatic variations, changes in relative humidity and the varnish dries over time. Therefore, good maintenance control is essential.


The care of your wooden ceiling starts already in the same installation. It is essential to make sure that the roof does not have any type of infiltration. Leaks and moisture must be extinguished before installing the cladding, because it would deform the wood in contact with water and rot.


Although it is protected and sealed, if the wood is in permanent contact with the humidity directly in it, the varnish and the treatments will not resist the attacks of water and end up losing their effectiveness.


After ensuring the absence of moisture in the ceiling, you should choose a wood well treated against the attack of termites and pests (this is applicable to any wooden furniture such as wooden drawers to measure), also waterproof and still make the application of varnish or paint to get their duration is longer.


Wooden Roofs, once installed the wood cladding, the care in everyday life is simple. Simply remove the dust that can accumulate, cobwebs and other impurities with the help of a soft material that does not damage the wood varnish. If necessary, the liner can be cleaned with a damp cloth as well as the floor.


Restoring the wooden ceiling

After a few years of use, if the varnish has dried or disappeared, the wooden ceiling should not be changed. As with solid wood floors, you can also restore the liner with a good sanding.


Just sand well the surface of the coating, remove all the varnish or the old paint and leave the wood uniform. After that, remove the wood residue and leave the surface ready to be treated with a new product, just as if you did with any other furniture such as a wooden bedroom table.


Re-apply varnish or paint on the ceiling and while you are doing a restoration, take the opportunity to change the appearance of the coating if you wish, with the use of varnishes with different shades. But be sure to apply the product after sanding the wood. Remember that even if your roof does not leak, moisture is also present in the air, and too much or too little moisture can damage unprotected wood.


Wood Ceilings, for humid days, keep your house well ventilated to reduce the humidity in the environment and on dry days use the air humidifier so that the wood can be hydrated, anyway and suffer less with the drought.


See how it’s not so complicated to take care of a wooden roof? Just like on the floor, wood is practical for everyday life and that is why it has been the first choice of many people. Wooden floor coverings are a great idea for both floors and ceilings, so don’t think twice about applying them to your environment, you won’t regret it! Read also our post about taking care of the skirting boards.