An essential part in the construction of a home or any living space, are the final details that cover the structure. One of the options you have for roofing spaces are the sheets for ceilings, however the choice on the type of sheet for ceilings can diverge in several aspects, this is why we share an informative manual with the types of roof that exist to make a final decision.


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These are some of the types of roofing foil:


One type of roofing sheet most commonly used is made of polycarbonate, this material is highly recommended and there are even different varieties of this capable of covering the various needs of the user, either for a large-scale project, with large construction plans or for smaller schemes.


The modern constructions take into account the light as a protagonist element, the polycarbonate sheets take advantage of this element, because they allow the passage of the light and the natural temperature towards the interior of the environment that they cover.


These sheets can be installed in an inclined manner to moderate the amount of sunlight received by the space, in addition to being able to define its thickness and thus control the caloric intensity.


Galvanized sheets are a variety of other types of roofing sheets available on the market. They consist of a single piece of metal or embossed polycarbonate. Those made with ferrous material can be galvanized, which has the anticorrosion advantage and are also more economical than other materials, such as stainless steel, conduct heat preventing it from entering the space. Precisely for this reason, it is not essential to take into account the climate in which the construction is located.


On the other hand, the advantages of corrugated polycarbonate sheets are different from those of galvanized roofing sheets. They are easily maintained by neutral silicone. This silicone is essential to seal some obturation, not useful for metallic materials.


Galvanized sheets without chromatic cover, for a sober and simple appearance; galvanized sheets with color covers, in case you want to give life and light; galvanized sheets with zinc and aluminum alloys or galvanized sheets with chromatic cover.


Roofing sheets

Another type of roofing foil is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) foil. This is a polymer that has several uses and advantages: resistant, thermal, acoustic, anticorrosive, flexible and ecological. Sometimes used for the manufacture of windows, blinds and pipes, in the electrical industry are made insulators, can also be made packaging, such as pharmaceutical bottles or plastic bottles, hoses and even toys.


As far as the construction of roofs of sheet with PVC, there are certain manufacturers that take advantage of the thermoacoustic quality through the use of the same system that the multipanel sheets, since they are composed of two layers of this element and it is in the middle of these sheets where an insulating material is found. The cost of these sheets is not very high compared to other types of roofing sheets. Due to their characteristics of firmness and stability, PVC roofs and other products elaborated with this material have a durability superior to 60 years.


Roofing sheets


Another type of roofing sheets are the tile type, also one of the most used. They are a type of tile more recommended, imitate the design of clay tiles and have great qualities, such as insulation, ease of installation and aesthetics, in addition to those provided by galvanized sheets.


Sheets for ceilings

The tin roofs offer different designs according to the needs of the user, so we recommend you analyze which are yours, as well as your budget and the priorities you have in your home or space. The sheets can be aesthetic, not just practical.