Tips for taking care of your wooden roofs


Moisture, insects or sunlight are enemies of any wood elements you have in your home. But with proper treatment and regular maintenance you can extend the life of this material that gives a cozy and natural look to any room.

What damages wood?

Whether you have chosen to place wood on the ceiling of your house, furniture or floor, we recommend that you pay attention to the factors that can cause damage to the material. A late reaction can cost you dearly, especially if the beams are part of the structure.


In the care of parquet floors, wooden ceilings or other objects made of this material the main thing is going to be the prevention to guarantee that your home always looks its best and, even more important, has a healthy structure.


The main enemies of the wood that must be kept at bay are the following:


Humidity: it can come from inside as well as outside and causes the wood to swell. We therefore recommend that you apply a treatment to protect it from exposure to water.

Insects: Protecting roofs with pesticides is essential, otherwise termites or other types of insects will pose a great danger to the structure. They find shelter in the wood, using it to nourish and reproduce inside. The faster you act when you detect its presence, the more effective the treatment will be; however, sometimes the best option is for you to replace the piece.

Mushrooms and mojo: when wood is exposed to water without protection, it can also cause the appearance of fungi and moulds. To prevent it, apply a fungicide treatment and to eliminate them, you can do it using a mixture of water and detergent on the affected surface with a damp cloth.

Sunlight: Another enemy of care is sunlight, especially when the material is outdoors. To prevent the wood from fading you must also apply the appropriate protection.


How to maintain your ceilings?

Before starting the maintenance work check that you have all the materials you need at hand. The basics include spatula, brushes, protective tape, coarse and fine sandpaper, and wood filler. Don’t forget to also have masks, gloves and goggles to protect yourself if you decided to do the job yourself.


The tips for taking care of your wooden ceilings indicate that it is ideal to do the maintenance every three years, applying a new layer of varnish and protective treatments. Before doing so, first sand the previous coat. Whenever you are going to apply one of these materials, paint or if you are going to sand the surface, do it following the direction of the wood grain.


When it comes to restoring the ceiling you should start by sanding with coarse sandpaper and then with fine sandpaper. When the surface is smooth and even, remove the dust with a damp cloth or a dry brush.


Then it is time to inspect the wood to make sure it is free of insects. If this is the case you must eliminate them before continuing, if not, you are still recommended to apply a pesticide treatment to prevent pests from appearing in the future.


If your wood roof is cracked, cover it with the special putty and let it dry. When ready, sand again to even the surface.


Finally apply the finish that can be with wax for wood, varnish or paint. And ready, your roof will look like new. Apply these tips to take care of your wood ceilings and you will see how they will stay as new for a long time.


Working on wood ceilings involves risks and it’s one of those DIY projects that’s best avoided and left to experts. Consider this before you get down to work.