The 5 main roofing sheets and which one you should choose


In the construction of a living space the final part that covers the interiors is of vital importance, so choosing between different types of roofing sheets to perform this step can be somewhat complicated.


That’s why at Multy Casetas we explain its advantages and disadvantages and advise you on how to choose the most suitable one for your project.

Some of the types of roofing sheets most in demand both in the construction industry for large projects and for domestic use are the following:


Steel sheets


The sheets are composed of a single piece of metal with some type of corrugated, the best for its structural qualities is the rectangular. Corrugated Steel Sheet


These sheets are subjected to a galvanizing process to prevent corrosion, this option is quite economical and durable.


If you need to have a better aesthetic, there are coated with a bi-layer of baked paint (pintro) is generally used white as this helps reflect the rays of the sun, both options conduct heat and prevent it from entering the interiors, so they are useful for any type of climate.


Polycarbonate Sheets


Mat Translucent PolycarbonateOne of the types of roofing sheets, which includes polycarbonate in its constitution, there is cellular polycarbonate and solid polycarbonate (similar to glass).


This material satisfies the needs of natural lighting and aesthetics mainly, the useful life is smaller and the cost is higher generally recommended for use in swimming pools and gardens.


Tile type sheets


Its aesthetic quality combined with its ease of installation and insulating qualities make it one of the best options for roofing a space in construction.Mat Tejas


This material has many advantages over the one it is trying to replicate: clay tiles do not withstand low temperatures or all the inclemency of the weather. On the other hand, steel sheets in the form of tiles fulfil the aesthetic function of clay tiles and offer, at the same time, all the advantages of the use of galvanized sheet.


PVC sheets


A further category of roofing sheet types is PVC sheet. Polyvinyl chloride is a polymer whose use is very diversified.


Regularly we can find it in construction, packaging, the electrical industry or among plastic consumer goods. Among its multiple uses for construction is that of roofs.


There are some manufacturers that use it to create thermo-acoustic sheets. These in particular use the same system as multi-panel sheets, since they are composed of two layers of this material in the center of which is an insulator.


Their cost is generally high and one of their great advantages is their insulating capacity and the sterility they can achieve due to this are used mainly in hospitals, clean rooms and food industry.


Acrylic Sheets


Currently the best product for natural lighting in spaces where the quality of lighting is essential, there are with useful life of 3, 5 and 10 years, its constitution varies according to the time of useful life being the following:


Polilit: minimum 3 years

Polyacryl: minimum 5 years

Acrylit: minimum 10 years

Acrylic films are generally combined with pintro film or with the Multypanel system to make clear with illumination.