The 5 best roofing materials

Choosing the perfect material for the roof of the home is an odyssey because it does not mean opting for the first option presented to us, on the contrary, it implies a study of the pros and cons of each material so that the selection is the one that brings you the greatest benefits, both for the climatic conditions of the place where you live, the characteristics of the neighborhood, and even the structure of the construction.


Having clarified this now if we can go on to know and admire what each of the materials that can make up the roof are capable of providing, from tiles to wood, through cement, sheets and even straw.


We mention precisely these materials since they are those that appear as the top five of the most used and effective, do you want to know a little more about them, then let’s begin!


  1. Tradition made tile


They look great, but that’s not the only thing tiles can offer, they’re also great thermal and acoustic insulators and even have waterproofing characteristics. I’m sure you no longer see them as just a fascinating roof covering that gives it a lot of personality and beauty.


If added to this you look at the example of the image, we assure you that you will notice why they appear in this list of favorite materials, especially in styles where the countryside have a special place, so if you are the purposes followers of such rusticity, we believe that you have found the element in the structure of your roof perfect for you.


  1. The solid cement


It is by far one of the most recurrent materials to give structure to the roof and is that it is absolute strength and total durability, in addition to being more economical than some others such as wood and even tile when it is tile or stone.


Any other quality, of course, that is very easy to mold when it has not solidified and even the realization of the mixture is not so complicated, and we could go on because the cement has the quality of surprising to such a degree to convince you to give it the opportunity to be the raw material for your roof and why not, the rest of your house as a pillar, as Axel Duhart Architects does here.


  1. The wide variety of laminates


When we hear the word laminated, immediately comes to mind the way in which this structure is most used and common in everyday life, ie metal. But today the variety of materials to create these sheets has increased, there are already within our reach those made with plastics such as polyurethane that allow the passage of light but are just as resident as the metallized.


These various foil options have also allowed interior designs to be much more novel; a magnificent example is this one shared by Ambás Arquitectos, where the staircase space is illuminated thanks to the characteristics of the dome-shaped laminate at the top.


  1. No shortage of wood


The time has come to talk about one of the materials with special protagonism in the structures of the roofs, and it is extremely difficult to find contras, it has everything: resistance, beauty, practicality, solidity, durability, in itself it is perfect, because all its qualities are maintained when it already acquires the shape of the roof.


It is on this occasion Taar/ Taller de Arquitectura de Alto Rendimiento who shows us how effective and beautiful wood is when it becomes raw material on the roof of this exterior corridor. We assure you that with the necessary care, it will look just as good if you give it the opportunity to form the roof of your house.


  1. Thatched roof


This material cannot be the only element in a roof since it does not have so much solidity nor durability, however it appears in this top five since it is very recurrent to see it on top of roofs, especially in external areas.


Why this recurrence for the straw, firstly because it gives a lot of personality to the appearance that any roof could boast, and secondly because its qualities propitiate an extremely effective ventilation so it is easy to see it in all its splendor in all those places.