Building our home is a stressful but very rewarding experience. There is a kind of mystical dance in creating something from nothing and that is something beautiful to experience. But the process is difficult, so we must be patient, because only then will we have the house of our dreams before our eyes.


We must be very aware of the decisions we have to make to make this project a reality, and one fundamental one is that of the roof: it is basically the decision about which material will give us the best shelter when it comes to inclement weather. For that we must know the characteristics of the type of roof, what house we want to have and the climate of the area in which we will do the construction.


It is one of the oldest roofing materials and although it is fragile and very expensive, it is extremely durable and resistant to wind and fire. It is usually dark grey in colour and has an irregular appearance. It is made of long lasting natural materials and is heavy, so we will need a reinforced roof structure to support so many kilos. Since it is a very specific material, it requires highly trained professionals for its installation (this is no small detail when considering the installation of the slate).


Profiled sheet


Profiled sheets are a great economical solution for our roof. There is a wide range of products of different thicknesses and can have different profile heights. In addition we have the possibility of combining it with rock wool or mineral to give greater acoustic or thermal insulation to our environment. One of its main advantages is that it does not absorb water so there is no growth of fungi, it also has excellent strength and is mounted easily and quickly.


For more than a century, concrete has been one of the preferred materials when it comes to making our roof. Not only is it very attractive, but it also has some important qualities: it is fireproof and also helps to stop the wind. These two qualities are essential if we live in a very windy or fire-prone area. Concrete is available in a variety of colors, so it’s a great material for most of the styles we can have in our homes.


Another great quality of concrete is its life time: it lasts much longer than other alternatives, between 60 and 100 years. But not everything is joy, this material has some drawbacks because it is very heavy for certain types of roof so it may require additional support, it is also extremely expensive and easy to break, so we will need to work with people who know the material well and know how to handle it.


Roof Tiles


Clay roof tiles are one of the most natural options for house roofs and are extremely popular in Mediterranean climates. These tiles are available in many colors and give a very attractive and friendly finish to any type of house. They are made with remains of tiles molded at high oven temperatures, so they are considered very durable, more than 100 years.


In addition, they resist fires very well and require very little, almost no maintenance. Some of their drawbacks are: they break easily, are easily tearable and are very heavy, so it is likely that we need a structure in the roof that is stronger to support the weight.


What do we need to take into account when choosing our roof?


In order to be able to decide which is the cheapest material, we have to make a couple of considerations. First of all, we have to take into account the place and the climate in which we live because these are two important factors when deciding which roof to install.


In addition, we must be aware of the fire risk of the area: the last thing we want is to be burned! It is important, besides, to take into account the weight of the material that we will use, since not all of them are fireproof.