Maintenance of the wood of the ceiling and the walls.


Maintenance of ceilings. It is very important to take care of the ceiling and the walls of our wooden houses, as these need constant maintenance to last much longer, which is why you should always have at hand the necessary tools and materials that will help their care, for example: If your wood is new is recommended to use varnishes and protective treatments.


These should be applied in two layers on the base layer, when it is placed on the layer, should be sanded smoothly and in the same direction of the veins, the same procedure will be done when painting it because it must be done in the same direction as the grain.

However, if the wall or ceiling has received any colourless treatment product, it must be maintained every two or three years by giving them a new layer. If the walls or ceiling have handicrafts, which you want to varnish, it is good to use a flat brush and long inclined can reach all corners. If any area of your home is covered with boards, you must varnish or paint the slats, for this will use a flat brush or brush the width of the board.


To paint, you must first paint one meter of the lower edge and then the face of the board in a single pass. A quick and reliable way to apply protection products outdoors is the airless electric gun. The mode of use of this is very easy, just support the surface perpendicularly maintaining a constant distance from the target, making passes in opposite directions and slightly overlapping each other.


So that the humidity of the wall does not damage the wood it is good to treat the shutters, it must be fixed with micro porous products both on the inside and outside face, this maintenance will allow the humidity to escape to the outside and this way the wood will not be damaged, however, in the case of the doors, in these also passes the humidity produced by condensation and revaporization towards the outside for this a waterproof product must first be applied on the inside face and then a microporous one on the outside face.