Rain: the worst enemy


It’s the rainy season and it’s going to happen again. Our roofs are vulnerable to cold and rain and we must protect them from possible damage such as leaks, seepage and humidity. To do this, Ingither offers you a maintenance and repair service for roofs in Bogota and outside the city. Remember that you must prevent or detect the damage in time, otherwise you could be forced to repair additional damage that could be much worse.


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Some people consider that roofs are not very important, however we must take into account that they protect buildings and their inhabitants. It is essential that you pay attention to this structure if you want to protect the good condition of the building and of course those who live there. Roofs are also important!


We are experts in roofs, roofs and gutters


Ingither has a lot of experience repairing all kinds of problems in a timely and economical manner. We offer a complete service of maintenance and repair of roofs, roofs and canals in Bogota and its surroundings. We repair roofs, canopies and downpipes. Everything for your comfort and within reach of your pocket.


Our professionals have the necessary certificates to perform work at heights, as well as all requirements related to professional risks such as PRA, insurance and safety equipment.

We always keep in mind the material and inclination of the roof for maintenance or repairs, as the measures we take will depend on the characteristics of each type of roof. Although most of the roofs in Bogota are made of materials such as concrete, we also maintain wooden roofs, canopies, mud roofs, fiber cement roofs, among others.


Additionally, we inspect the canals, drains and the entire roof to locate and solve any problem of humidity, leaks and blockages, guaranteeing the highest possible resistance.



The rainy climate predominates in our country and quickly deteriorates the covers and roofs. But proper maintenance can make a difference.


We provide proper maintenance to all types of roofs, whether flat roofs or slopes, terraces or roofs. Our experts will extend the useful life of your roof and prevent you from having to replace it prematurely.


Say goodbye to moisture problems with our waterproofing service. Keep gutters, tiles, canopies and roofs clean with our facade cleaning service. Avoid problems such as roof leaks, gutter jams and rust with our preventive maintenance service.


We offer you a complete service that covers all your needs.


If you’re ready to quote for a repair or maintenance, or if you have any concerns, we’ll be happy to help.


Our repairs are synonymous with quality!