Roofs: What are the options?

Building our home is a stressful but very rewarding experience. There is a kind of mystical dance in creating something from nothing and that is something beautiful to experience. But the process is … "Roofs: What are the options?"

Types of Roofing Products

  Asphalt tiles: $ – $$. Asphalt shingles continue to dominate the North American roofing market for several reasons: they are affordable (and offer great value over their lifetime), they are easy to … "Types of Roofing Products"

Which roofing foil to choose and why

  An essential part in the construction of a home or any living space, are the final details that cover the structure. One of the options you have for roofing spaces are the … "Which roofing foil to choose and why"


We take pride on our amazing customer service and attention to detail. You will be impressed by the quality of the service we provide.

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We are extremely oriented to the roofing quality, we only work with the best materials to ensure you and your family safety.

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Our installation process is as clean and easy with your house and your family as it could be, we take care of every detail.

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You are going to get the highest quality attention from the first contact you have with our team.

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We will give you 12 months of Free Maintenance with any roof you purchase from us.

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Every single roof we produce and install is 100% guaranteed of any dangers.

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Ma Roofing Contractor is the biggest contractor in the Miami, FL area. With thousands of customers served across 35+ years of experience and operation, Roofing Ma is the leading roofing expert in Miami.


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